COURT 23 Rules – Select Basketball Tournaments



Once Brackets have been posted:

REFUND POLICY: After Tournament Schedules are in place, no refunds are issued.

If you sign up in the wrong GRADE, EVENT or GENDER you must let us know to move your team BEFORE we start and post the Brackets. A simple text or phone call to 972-571-0559 will fix your problem. BEFORE BRACKETS ARE POSTED.(We post Brackets on Wednesday the week of the event.)Once Brackets are posted we WILL NOT move a team up or down in a different grade division. Please be sure you sign up in the right Event, Grade and Gender.

Any Coach, Player, Team or Fan that is ejected or removed from a game will be suspended for the rest of the Tournament.

Brackets are posted LATE Wednesday Night on the week on the Tournament.

Any Discount offered by Court 23 & Sista’ Hoops must be PAID BEFORE the Tournament
in order to get the Team Discount.

1. National Federation of State High School Associations Rules apply to all games.

2. Free Throws or on the Release

3. Once Brackets have been posted ALWAYS CHECK BACK DAILY FOR ANY UPDATES.
It’s your Responsibility to ALWAYS check daily for any Bracket Updates. A good habit is to check back online Friday before the Tournament just to sure on your Game Time, Playing Sites and Gyms.

4. 2-15 Minute Half’s (9th Grade -12th Grade)
    2 -14 Minute Half’s (4th Grade – 8th Grade)

    2-14 Minute Half’s (9th Grade -12th Grade)
    2 -13 Minute Half’s (4th Grade – 8th Grade)

5. CLOCK – If a team is behind by 25 POINTS or more in the SECOND HALF, we will go to a running clock.
(Clock will go back to a stop clock if the losing team gets within 15 Points)

6. Time-Outs, 2 Full / 2 – 30 second Time-Outs per game.

7. Half-Time = 3 Minutes

8. Overtime: All Overtime games will begin 2 minutes after regulation play 2 minutes each overtime game.
Clock stops on all whistles. 1 additional Time-Out allowed with unused carry-over. Player fouls and team fouls carry-over. Sudden death starts in the 3rd Overtime, First team to score wins, all foul shots are one shot only.

9. Each Team is responsible for furnishing a Timekeeper and a Scorekeeper.

10. Each Team must bring your own basketballs to warm up with.

11. Each Team must BRING YOUR OWN MEDICAL SUPPLIES: there will be NO TRAINER on site if needed.

12. A player can only play on ONE TEAM per division in any tournament.
Playing on Multiple Teams: A player can play in more than 
one grade division as long as the player is grade eligible
for each division and only plays with ONE CLUB or TEAM. A player can play up a grade division but not down a grade division.
Girls are allowed to play on a boys team unless protested by the other coach (Before the Game). She also has to be grade eligible for the division.
Boys can not play on girl teams.

13. Players age is based on Grade Only.
In case of a protest of a players grade, Teams should have with them at all times report cards for proof of players grade.

14. These Rules may change alittle on ONE DAY Tournaments or when COURT 23 teams up with different Organizations, Schools or Teams when hosting a Tournament. For example: Make Mama Pround ONE DAY Classic and Girls Of Summer Showcase

15. ONE DAY Events or mainly played on Holiday weekends. (Mother’s Day. Father’s Day, Easter, 4th of July Etc…) They are Round Robin Style Events. Each team will be matched up with 3 others teams. There is no Bracket Play. These events are so Teams can still get some court time and not miss a weekend of play. No Trophies or Medals on the ONE DAY Events. TWO DAY Events or mainly set up with Pool Play and Bracket Play. Championship Games being played on Sunday. Trophies and Medals for 1st Place and 2nd Place Teams in each Division. Sometimes we have to do a Round Robin Bracket depending on how many teams sign up in each division.

16.  The tournament director has the right to forfeit a game if a team does not have its starting five ready to play at the scheduled tip off time.

17. No loud music playing during game play. Teams can not play loud music during warm up or half time in gyms with multiple courts.

18. Tiebreakers – 3 way tie is based on total accrued points. The most a team can get per game is +15 or -15. Two way tie is determine by head to head game.

19. HAVE FUN!!!


Court 23 has the right to approve a team to play down in a division if approved before the tournament begins.  You must talk to the tournament director, no exceptions.  Our goal is to provide competitive games. Court 23 also has the right to allow players to play on more than one team. Only if the teams/players coach talks with the tournament director before the tournament/game. We sometimes allow this if teams are going to be short on players.

Rosters and Proof of Grade
Rosters are not necessary for all Court 23 tournaments.  For all Court 23 Tournaments, just in case of a protest of a players grade, a team should have with them at all times a report card for proof of grade.

Basketball Size
All Girls – 28.5 basketball
Boys 1st Grade through 6th Grade – 28.5 basketball
Boys 7th Grade and older – 29.5 basketball

COURT 23 Tournaments
1244 W Collin St  Corsicana, TX. 75110
(972) 571-0559  E-Mail
WITTER: @23_tournaments



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